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Dr. Helle Leap


Dr. Helle Leap came from Denmark, to Los Angeles, in 1986. It was her passion to learn Chiropractic Medicine. She studied at Los Angeles College of Chiropractics, graduating in 1990. She then established her Chatsworth office, where she has been treating patients with compassionate care ever since.

Dr. Helle Leap is a member in good standing of the California Chiropractic Association (CCA) and takes pride in both her professional status as “The Chiropractor” in Chatsworth since 1990, and her long history of quality patient care. Her patients are often impressed with her ability to end their pain and discomfort in a short period of time. Many patients have come to us in extreme pain and, after a few treatments; have been able to return to their normal activities without any lingering discomfort.


Many of Dr. Leap's patients have been coming to her office for many years. Some patients show up only when they require "acute care", others choose to come in once a month of a "maintenance tune-up". Either way, Dr. Helle Leap will be there for you when you need care. Her philosophy is to get people treated she they are in pain and not in 3 weeks from when they call the office.

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Dr. Leap spends her hours outside of the office with her husband Norris, and their four daughters, Laura, Lisa, Allison & Katherine.

Dr. Helle Leap is an avid trail runner. You can find her almost every weekend running the local trails with The Conejo Valley Trail Runners. She has completed more than 10 half Marathons.

You will see pictures of Dr. Leap and her family throughout this website. She is very proud of her 4 girls and loves her family. More about "The Girls" later.


Our office is truly a "family practice". Dr. Helle Leap has seen many of her patients come to the office as small children and now they are bringing their own children in for care. Dr. Leap has been a Chiropractor in Chatsworth for almost 25 years. In that time, she got married, had 4 girls, and raised a family, all while still working in her family chiropractic practice. Many of her patients have followed her girls and Dr. Leap has followed her patient's children and family as they grow up. When you come to Dr. Helle Leap's office, you become part of the "family".

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