Dear Dr. Leap,

Thank you for always putting me back together after a big project! And for
helping me stay in shape so I can always say ‘Yes’ to the next one!

Jae Kitinoja

"Before coming to Dr. Leap I was in severe constant pain in my neck for more than 2 years without relief. I had seen multiple pain management specialists and all I was given was steroids and addictive pain killers, but no real solution was ever offered, I honestly felt hopeless. After getting into a fender bender I got whiplash and that just sent the pain over the edge and I knew I had to try something different. I decided to try chiropractic even though I was skeptical of it’s ability to work for me. After my first adjustment, I experienced 80% relief right away. I had a long way to go from there with a lot of ups and downs, but the sweet relief was the evidence I needed to commit to coming to see her 3x a week. I didn’t just suffer from neck pain, though that was my reason for coming in originally, I also had severe chronic illness for 14 years. I started to notice that more than my just my neck pain was improving with regular therapy. My fibromyalgia pain began to improve as well as a myriad of other symptoms. I have more energy overall and almost 100% relief of the neck pain I originally came in with. My neck is now fully aligned, my range of motion is restored, and I can do so many things that I was not able to do before.

Dr. Leap is a master of her craft and working with her for the past 6 months has actually changed my life in so many ways. She really listens to you and is one of the kindest and warmest doctors I have ever worked with. She takes the time to educate you about the process of chiropractic care, and her aim is not just to get you out of pain, but to help you achieve real health and wellness. Kelly who runs the office is so kind and welcoming, it is a true pleasure to come into their office which is a rare gem in our health care system. Thank you Valley Chiropractic!

Many Blessings,
-Lisa Sikes

"My daughter, Hailey, is 10 years old and a competitive gymnast. In December she had a bad fall off the uneven bars where she fell on her neck and back. She was having a lot of pain in her mid-back and was unable to practice the sport that she loves so much. I took her to Dr. Leap and within 3 sessions she was back in the gym as strong as can be. Hailey loved coming to see Dr. Leap and asks when she can go back. "

-Kristy Fisher

"I started seeing Dr. Leap about four years ago for sciatic pain that I had been experiencing since the birth of my third child two years prior. I had been to other doctors about it but all they ever did was give me pain medication. I did not want to live my life on pain medication so I made an appointment with Dr. Leap. I began seeing her twice a week and within a few months I will say I was "cured" and completely free of any of the horrible sciatic pain that had been tormenting me. Fast forward to today and I still see Dr. Leap - she is amazing and keeps me in alignment for my very active and athletic lifestyle. I have been a CrossFit athlete for the last 2.5 years and wouldn't be able to lift the weight that I do without my body being in proper alignment. I would like to thank Dr. Leap for keeping
me balanced and strong."

-Kristy Fisher

"Dr Leap, thank you for working on making my back and neck in tune, without you this is not possible."

-Travis Medlin

"Thank you Dr. Leap, for keeping my back happy so I can dance happy!"


"I live a very physical life as a professional dancer (still!) and instructor. And at almost 65 years of age, it's getting much harder for me since old injuries raise their ugly heads on occasion and of course the new ones from the aging process pop up and announce their very unwelcomed arrival. Another contributing factor might be that my three dancer partners, AKA 1st, 2nd and 3rd string are all respectively 24, 27 and 37 years old! Add any two of their ages together and I'm still older! Stop laughing. That's not at all funny! Well maybe a little bit. I've been dealing with a no name condition for several years now where I have slight curvature of the spine to my left in between and including vertebras C1 through C8, which exacerbates a tissue problem dealing with the muscle structure in the upper left shoulder and up into the neck and just under my left ear. Throw in a tad of arthritis and I deal with pain 24 hours a day with pain levels from 3 to 8+ sometimes. My old chiropractor and my medical doctor told me it was chronic and I had to just live with taking pain meds for the rest of my life, as it was a chronic condition.

I just couldn't accept that and lucky me, I found Dr. Leap. In the past 3 months, she has gave me a new lease on life and my not-yet-concluded career in the dance biz with pain management running the range of "None" up to an occasional level 3 or 4. As I sit here typing this for you now, I am completely without pain! 

I have a ways to go, for sure. But it takes a lifetime to get in this condition and it'll take time to fix it! I certainly have the time and I completely trust Dr. Leap. In my business, I've had access to chiropractors since I was about 19! I've seen a lot of them in 45 years, having lived all over the world and Dr. Leap is by far completely in a league of her own. It's also important that you know that she is a very genuine and kind woman who really wants to solve your problems and mine. 

So what is my bottom line? Dr. Leap has given me the vision of being able to work the rest of my life doing what I so dearly love to do! I have joy again and my future is bright! Thank you, Doc!"

-Wiley Hicks Simpson, The Celebration Ballroom, Chatsworth, CA


 "I live with idiopathic scoliosis, which translates from Greek jargon as "the spine curves in weird ways and no one has any idea why."

For twenty years, Dr. Leap has kept my condition manageable. About every month, I arrive at her office with anything ranging from mild discomfort to incapacitating pain and an inability to stand up straight. Sometimes it takes a few visits, but sooner or later I'm back in alignment and able to live my life again, able to exercise within limits, and sometimes even forget I have this condition.

In sum, she's kept me alive, and kept my life fruitful and productive, which is considerably more than other chiropractors and therapists I tried before finding her. She's very good at what she does."

Jack Nolan

"A few years back I was hit by a drunk driver.... getting back to a normal range of motion seemed far away, but after regular visits to see Dr. Leap at Valley Chiropractic I'm back to work and doing all the things I enjoyed before and more!

Dr. Leap is wonderful! The office is well kept and the staff could not be friendlier or more professional! I fully recommend Valley Chiropractic to anyone who is need of chiropractic services.

I continue to see Dr. Leap at least once a month for adjustments and general check-ups.

I am so glad my brother and his wife told me about Valley Chiropractic!

It's such a relief to live without pain!"

Nikki Medlin

Chatsworth, CA

"Our family is extremely grateful for the quality care we have received from Dr. Leap and her staff for many years. It is a pleasant and helpful experience to visit her office knowing that she will take good care of our individual chiropractic needs, and always with a smile! The friendly atmosphere, ease of getting appointments, and especially the trust we have in Dr. Leap’s experience and abilities, definitely keeps us coming back …and keeps our backs in line! Thank you Dr. Leap for your excellent corrective and continuous care."

The Rosen Family

Northridge, CA

"Dear Doctor Leap:

Summer and I wanted to express our most sincere thanks for helping to give us both back a normal life again. I think so many times, what if?

What if, you hadn’t taken a chance on strangers, a desperate and crazy story like mine, about a bizarre condition and a possible cure. Our lives would have ended up much different than now. Walking into your office you always had that warm smile, with confidence and a positive attitude. You never faltered!!!! Even on our down days we could count on you. What a blessing you are to all your patients. We are so lucky to have met you, and have you as our doctor. I don’t want to get carried away with his note. Just thank you for taking a chance on us and to know that every day I thank you for all you have done for us."

Caren & Summer Bramhall (Fibromyalgia patient)

"When I first started seeing Dr. Leap, I was experiencing hip pain and had migraines for years. Since receiving treatments, my hip pain is much better and the severity of the headaches has drastically improved. Dr. Leap takes her time, is compassionate and goes the extra mile to make sure you get the best care and that she is meeting your needs. To her, it’s not just about the chiropractic care, but also about your general well being ~ she recommends changes in your habits and the appropriate stretching exercises. A big plus is Dr. Leap’s office staff ~ they accommodate my schedule, are friendly and make me feel welcome. I actually look forward to Friday adjustments because it is a great way to start a relaxing weekend. Dr. Leap is someone I would recommend to others with 100% certainty that she will take great care of them."

Deb Klaeger

"The best, my favorite health/therapeutic care person:- Dr. Helle Leap, Chiropractor extraordinaire, office in Chatsworth, Calif. With a lot of help, I went from immobility (did a number on my back) to hanging on to about a 7 handicap in golf. This Doctor/this Woman has worked wonders with me (still does - I'm a slow learner on what "not to do". Street cleaning with my Kiwanis club is an example. After such an outing I really need her expertise and it is cordially provided(along with the tongue-in-cheek lecture). Dr. Helle, I hope we never part ways. You are the prime reason I am able to work each day and for golf being so kind to me. Of course I get a little ribbing about my 6ft 3in, blue eyed blonde(by itself a good reason to get the excellent treatment I receive. Thank you Dr. Leap for straightening me out and please don't stop. You're # 1 to me."

Sincerely yours, Ivor L. Higginson

"I was referred to Dr. Leap back in 2006. At the time I was very active in sports and recreational things. I had some significant issues with my lower back tightening up at the time and not allowing me to enjoy my activities and even making my day to day routine very tough. I went to Dr. Leap for a consultation, and after having a nice discussion with her I knew she would have a solution for me. Within 2 weeks of adjustments I was back to playing basketball and all of my activities and actually able to perform them better then I had in years.

Unfortunately after 8 months of relief I took a bad fall one day while running and herniated my disc significantly more then it was. This injury was so bad that I could barely walk and I was in constant pain day and night. I was unable to even stand up completely straight which was a big bummer. Instead of having back surgery which was recommended by all the Dr.'s and specialist I had seen Dr. Leap had suggested a more practical approach. I then went on disability for almost 2 years and while on disability

Dr. Leap was able to treat my injury with no drugs, no surgery and no craziness, just simple straightforward adjustments over time to realign my structure allowing my body the relief it needed to heal itself. And to make a long story longer I am happy to say that 6 years later I am back to doing most of my activities Golf, Disc golf, riding bikes, hiking, wrestling with the kids, going out dancing with my wife, playing in the snow and camping, etc,etc... And I owe a huge portion of that to Dr. Leap, in my opinion she is a Doctor in its true form she is not like the surgery-pushing pill prescribing doctors that I was used to. 

Thanks for keeping it simple and accurate Dr. Leap you’re the best."

Justin and Family

"I have been seeing Dr. Leap for many years and she has done wonders for my back and neck! I would hate to think what condition my body would be in if I hadn't been going to her. I have curvature of the spine and where it curves is detrimental to my health. She keeps the arthritis to a minimum ~ by regular maintenance ~ and my neck as well. Oh my neck, that's another whole story!!! She is on top of that as well with regular traction and alignment. I absolutely love her! She is knowledgeable and gentle and an all around great person. I would recommend her above any other in a heartbeat! Her choice of which she has working with her is fabulous too! A great bunch! For the picture of her in my contacts list I found The Spine Whisperer.... She's definitely my magic potion!!!"

Sue Phebus

"Dr. Leap has been nothing short of the best chiropractor we've ever had. The depth of her assessment of what's going on in the body and the specificity of her adjustments are unparalleled. No cookie cutter treatments here. Plus, Helle is just the kindest, most caring wellness practitioner you could hope for. She's terrific with the kids and gives them adjustments too. Dr. Leap is an essential part of keeping our family healthy and thriving."

The Sacrey’s

"My family and I are happy to share with you our wonderful experiences with Dr. Leap. It's plural because there have been so many excellent interactions with her. We found her three years ago and have continued seeing her whenever we have a physical problem that needs correcting. We value her honesty, intelligence, experience, and high quality care. Her positive outlook and attitude contribute to the healing. Each of us strongly recommends Dr. Leap."

Casey, Daphneleah, and Grace Kasemeier
Graphic artist, body listener, student

"We have been patients of Dr. Leap for over ten years. Everyone at Valley Chiropractic has provided us with outstanding care in treating our injuries, our regular maintenance, and our needs as the whole patient. We especially appreciate their flexibility in scheduling appointments and ability to “squeeze” us in when we have an unexpected need for treatment.

Dr. Leap has a gentle, calming touch when assessing our current condition. However, her treatment style is firm enough when making a necessary adjustment.

As older adults, maintaining our fitness and vitality is one of our major health goals. We depend on Valley Chiropractic to help us achieve that."

Walter and Donna Wallace
Simi Valley

"I met Dr. Leap when I was suffering from severe neck pain. Having never experienced chiropractic, I was leery of being adjusted. Dr Leap thoroughly evaluated and explained my condition to me. She put me at ease as she introduced me to my first adjustment. Even after the first treatment, I had significant relief. Subsequent visits combining relaxing massage and adjustments made all of the difference in my quality of life.

I have continued to return to Valley Chiropractic for over 10 years. When visiting, I feel like I'm coming back to a dear friend. Helle and I bring each other up to speed on what has been happening in our own lives - sharing our love of family and running. With her care, I leave the office feeling alive and content.

Valley Chiropractic remains a vital part of my continued health and well being. Dr. Leap's expertise comes to my aid no matter how much time has passed. Helle pushes my reset button and sends me on my way. I invite anyone to experience their care and concern."

Kim Myer

"Since the very onset of my relationship with Valley ChiropracticI have always found the Dr Leap, and all of her staff members to be caring and considerate of my various concerns. Every effort is made to make my adjustments to best achieve correct alignment and alleviate unnecessary spasms and pain. Concerns for my overall well-being are taken in to consideration. Everyone is very courteous and welcoming when you visit. My questions are always cheerfully addressed. I would recommend Valley Chiropractic very sincerely."

Mark Netzen

"I highly recommend Dr Helle Leap. She and her office staff are always helpful in relieving my pain. They seem to have various techniques from Massage to direct manipulation. My whole family has enjoyed her and her office staff’s expert attention."

Phil Berg

“I highly recommend Dr. Leap for all your chiropractic needs. She is very professional and Pat and the rest of her team are very friendly and always caring. Dr. Leap has helped me be pain free after my car accident. During my treatment, she discovered that I had one leg significantly longer than the other. Since treating me for this condition as well, I can now garden, walk, and stand for long periods of time without the aches and pain. Dr. Leap cares a great deal about her patients and also has a massage therapist on sight, which I love. If you want to return to an active lifestyle without pain, you need to visit Dr. Leap. I am really glad I did!”

-Raquel Eng

"We've been seeing Dr. Leap for about a decade now and we couldn't be more satisfied with the care she provides. My wife and I have jobs that require us to sit in front of a computer for long periods of time throughout the day. These static positions wreak havoc on our necks. We try to stay active and do regular exercise to help counteract the affects, but because we work more than we exercise it eventually catches up with us. After receiving an adjustment from Dr. Leap, I get immediate relief from the pain in my neck (I sometimes ask her to help with the pain in my wrists). In addition to the doctor, there's also Pat who manages the office. We've known Pat just as long as we've known Dr. Leap. She is kind, witty, and sassy! Together, they make a great team providing great service with a warm, family-like atmosphere. This is important to my wife and I since we have a 7-year old boy. Ever since he was born, we've been bringing him in with us to the office and they've always made us feel welcome. And we also make regular visits to Dr. Leap's massage therapist, Chantal. She's a relatively new addition to the office, but an important part of the overall experience. After getting our massages, we feel loose and relaxed. This makes the adjustment by Dr. Leap even more effective. We highly recommend anyone with neck or back pain to pay a visit to see Dr. Leap and her capable and attentive staff at Valley Chiropractic!"

-The Najera Family

"[I] have been coming to Valley Chiropractic for many years. The staff is always so friendly and accommodating! Helle Leap is a wonderful person as well as a caring and effective Chiropractor. They have a great Massage therapist here too!! I highly recommend this practice."

- Joan Salvatore

"Due to a congenital issue, I have used chiropractic care for over 30 years. Dr. Leap is, by far, one of the best chiropractors I've ever known. Whether for maintenance of ongoing issues or for an acute problem or injury, her approach is thoughtful, professional and extremely helpful. The icing to the cake is that she's fun and personable too. She's interested in you as a person, not just a patient, and I look forward to every visit. To top it all off, her entire staff is easy to deal with and is always helpful and upbeat."
- Kristy Roberts

"My experience of receiving services from Dr Helle Leap and her professional staff has been gratifying. The office staff works very hard to fit you in when your needs and schedule change. Dr Leap is a highly trained professional who listens carefully, basis her treatment on your individual needs, and coordinates your care with other professionals as needed. After each appointment you leave knowing that you are in caring, competent hands."
- Lynnda Kroy

"Eight months ago I started experiencing debilitating neck pain from arthritis. I went to urgent care in March and September. I asked my doctor to refer me to a chiropractor in lieu of pills. I received a phone call from the offices of Dr. Leap within 24 hours and had an appointment within 2 days.

Dr. Leap is amazing! My pain level went from a 10 to a 2 in 3 visits.
Dr. Leap and her staff are so accommodating and professional. They made me feel comfortable and they care about my healing process.
I'm so grateful to them."

- Kathryn Stone

"I've been living with lower back pain for years now, never really thinking there was much to do about it. Then some severe upper back pain brought me in to your office. My upper back pain is essentially gone, and my lower back pain is significantly improved. For the first time ever, I feel optimistic about getting rid of my lower back pain. The office environment is professional, and at the same time relaxed and friendly. Thank you!"
- Lauren Corley

"My first Chiropractic experience was in April. I always though chiropractors were for neck or back injuries due to work or car related injuries. I would never have thought that she would be able to help with migraine headaches. I am a 45 year old mother of one who has suffered with migraine headaches since the age of 13. I have been to every type of doctor, for every type of test with every kind of medication. Nothing has worked. My husband has been going to a chiropractor for years and finally talked me into seeing Dr. Leap. I figured “Oh well, what the ….” I’ve tried everything else. I had x-rays showing my right side of my neck was crooked. She (Dr. Leap) started treating me 3 times a week doing adjustments. We are now down to once a week; my headaches have greatly reduced in severity as well as frequency. I cannot believe how much better I feel. I am very happy my husband talked me into seeing Dr. Leap and I am so grateful for all she has done."
- Cathy Patterson